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I don't know what to think of this episode, but I did like Sea Breeze. He was just so angry. I like the way they were speaking.]

In other news, March! Yikes! Already!? Last couple weeks I couldn't think of ideas for pony art. I been working on my new comic. Chapter 00 is nearing completion. About 32 pages. I'm thinking of lessening the detail for the next chapter. Inking takes takes a while. I'm looking for a mid-to-late March launch.

Stay tuned!
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It was a decent episode, but you know... Twilight's out there in the open the whole season....


Twilight Time is Best Time.
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I did like the singing, but I didn't really feel for this episode. Oh yeah, Pinkie Pie staph that. She was just bad in this one...
This episode broke me brain.

Rarity continues to steal the show every time.  She's great. She and AJ made so many faces and moments...

There were some cons: Spike wasn't more in character and the ending wasn't that great. It didn't feel resolved at all!

I still enjoyed it!
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So it leaked. I won't say a thing. Just watch it. It's now one of my all time favorite MLP episodes. There's so much in there.... oh Celestia! It's like everything went super up a notch! Ahhhhhhhhhh!
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Go and read this…

Bullying a kid for liking My Little Pony? That is just plain sad. Try in any way to him and his family out.

Update: You can now go this page to donate!…

Hang in there, Michael! You're not alone!
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I won't spoil it to you, but great episode! Had a lot of my favorite chars in it. At first I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me..... Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!
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Well another episode that I enjoyed. It was funny and I love The Apple Family! So many photos to pause and look at. Great episode!
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I was very entertained with this episode. Rarity episodes are such a joy to watch. Rarity can carry a whole episode by herself. I liked all the new ponies that were in this one too.
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The Beginning of the End for many things.

Things that will happen this year.

1. The end of The Lounge
2. The beginning of a new fantasy comic series. I'm want to launch it late spring and it will be online.

This year is going to be BIG.
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This episode would've been better if it aired in October... There's a song in there, but it wasn't that memorable D:

P.S. Rarity continues to be awesome for some reason.

P.S.S Will someone think of the cider?!
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Hope you got what you wanted for Christmas! Be safe everyone and don't overdo it on the eggnog!
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I totally enjoyed this episode! Mane-iac is my new favorite! Ahhh! The way Rarity uses her powers are hilarious and awesome!
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I had some high hopes for this episode, but oh gosh.... it wasn't what I expected! The song was cute though. This episode was brought to you by new writer, Ed Valentine.
This episode was promising in the beginning, but overall.... just a big hmmmmmm.... I did enjoy it still. Also Dash makes a certain face. You know the one when you see it. I expect that face to pop up everywhere.

P.S. Fan Girl Dash is the adorable. Best Pony.
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Happy Thanksgiving to all the Americans out there! I'm thankful to have a roof over my head, the clothes that are keeping me warm, food on the table, family, friends, and my girl, Jen. Enjoy your turkeys and mash potatoes! Be safe, folks!
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Welp! You dun goofed, Hasbro. Once again there's a episode leak. This episode was written new writer, Josh Haber. It was good pacing. It didn't felt rushed. Something something OTP.  I won't say much more if people want to wait for Saturday.
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I must say, it's good to see new episodes again. After S3, I set my expectations from very low to none. I'm impressed with this! Got to see some very awesome events! More showing of the Royal Sisters is good. I expect good things from this season. Holy Elements of Harmony, Celestia!

Happy for a new addition to the intro!
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The Playstation 4 will be arriving at my doorstep this Friday. Totally gearing up for that. MLP S4 is next week and pony drawings will start up for that. Finally there's Thanksgiving. I was a bit sad that I didn't draw anything for Halloween. I was out in Canada that week. I been working on The Lounge comics and fantasy comic for next year. Always busy. Always something to do. There will be a huge request stream in December. Stay tuned for that.
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I've been very busy as of late. I've always wanted to do a fantasy comic after I finish The Lounge. I was working on it back in 2010, and then MLP:FiM happened. I think the time away from it was a good thing, though. After a couple years, I see a lot of changes that need to be made to the story and characters.

This is a very ambitious project, already over 100+ pages have been laid out. The comic will launch sometimes next year online. This means I'm going to be scaling back from MLP and other things next year. I will soon finish the current Friday Requests soon. Stay tuned for more.
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