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It was nice to read your stories and comments. Things will be a slow burn for awhile. Everything will resume on Sunday. Scootaloo Contest will be on Sunday too. Once again, thank you for your understanding.
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We had to put our dog, of 13 years, to sleep today. Loyal to the end. I knew this day was going come and still, one can never be prepare for it. It's as devastating when I lost my dad in 2009. Things may be delayed. I just know I won't be doing anything else today. Thanks for your understanding.
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I get this question A LOT.

It's Photoshop 7 folks. That's it.

I only use 2 brushes: Hard Round and Airbrush Pen Opacity Flow

I am not taking any more requests! Seriously if you didn't send your note on April 22nd, you won't get anything and I know who the last requester is. I'm not doing art trades at the moment. I'm not taking requests in the Comments Section
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I'm beginning to wonder if people ever read the description in the pony pics. There's a REQUESTED BY THIS PERSON! on the first line.

I don't make up these ideas! It's people who wanted to be part of One Pony Per Brony Requests events. They're the ones giving me the ideas. I just draw them. I'm being very generous and I'm having a lot of fun. These people, who requests, are happy. That makes me happy. One of the greatest rewards for being an artists is making someone happy.

Some days I'm like, "Really guys? Really?"

I just wanted to say that because some people think I'm pumping the pony art for no reason. Some of it's mine, but mostly it's all requests.

I know most of you guys are cool. You know who you are.

I am not taking any more requests! Seriously if you didn't send your note on April 22nd, you won't get anything and I know who the last requester is. I'm not doing art trades at the moment.
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Not long. I believe I will be on schedule.

I am not taking any more requests! Seriously if you didn't send your note on April 22nd, you won't get anything and I know who the last requester is.
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I keep getting asked this question: How much are your commissions?

I finally decided on this.

(All digital)
- Normal Commission w/o bg: $40 per Char (Humans, robots, creatures, etc.>)
- Backgrounds: + $10 (depends on the amount of detail too)

Revised Price for Ponies ONLY
- $20 per Pony / $10 per additional Pony
(Those who commissioned me for $40 get a free pony pic)
- Backgrounds: +$ 10 (depends on the amount of detail too)

Can be anything. Just no porn, gore, real world religion/politics.

I cater to you when it comes to commissions. Send Notes for additional details.

~ As I mentioned before, after the pony request thing, I will not do any more Request Events til the Fall.

I will not do any requests in the Comment Section.
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So I was doing that Spitfire pic and I was going to put a Top Gun Parody poster in the back.

I was inspired by Top Pony :…

I can see it now.

Dash as Maverick
Fluttershy as Goose (Oh no! She dies or just gets hurt)
Apple Jack as Charlotte "Charlie" Blackwood (Yes! AppleDash!)
Spitfire as Ice Man (You can be my wing-pony any time!)

The rest of the Wonder Bolts as the cast (There seems to be a lot of them)
The Shadow Bolts as the Migs.

Of course you have to rearrange/change some things.

I probably bet it'll be terrible and I still watch it.
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I like to give shout outs to the folks at PonyGAF, Equestria Daily, and Ponychan.

Details for the Scootaloo contest will be posted next Friday on the 20th.
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I think that will give me plenty of time to change my mind if need be.

October will be good because it will Halloween and lots of cosplaying ponies.. Also it's 2 months before Season 2 and that'll give me enough time to finish them.

In the mean time. After the Scootaloo contest, I will not do any more requests (unless I'm feeling very generous).
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Since we are waiting 6 months for S2... should there be a Part 3? This would have to be after San Diego Comic Con. August/Sept there's not much going on. Depends on how active the fandom is still.
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YES! After a whole week of other projects and stuff, we come back to the requests! Yes lot's of requests still left to do and I'm doing one right now! Let the madness begin! *cue Fluttershy laughing like a mad pony*

No folks. This is not for requests. I'm still doing the ones from One Pony Per Brony 2. They're the only ones going to be drawn.

Currently NOT accepting additional requests!
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Just read :iconfyre-flye: resignation. Already said my thanks on her journal. Oh dear. Oh dear. Different direction for the show? Oh dear Oh dear... She has faith in the crew, but I'm looking at Hasbro here... oh dear.
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Give your mom a hug folks!

Spitfire pic is done, but I won't upload til late afternoon. Let Twilight and her mommy have some quality time together.
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Spitfire pic and some Mother's Day pic. One Pony per Brony pics will resume tomorrow night!

Don't mind me!
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Still a lot of things to do! So many Pony requests! It's my mission to finish it all! I also have a dozen ideas swirling in my head that want to be drawn up.

Cue Duke Phillips from The Critic, "You can eat my brain. It will give you power."

I'm sorry folks, I don't do art trades. I wouldn't know what to ask for.
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First of all. Love all you international peeps! At the end of the day we are all fans of art and being bronies.

Yes ,the last episode of the season. Will it be the best one yet? We'll see!

After this I can weigh in on what my top five episodes. Overall the whole season was great and looking forward to S2. I was a big skeptic before. I didn't even know about this til the end of February! And for the record this is the ONLY fandom I been active in. I shake my head sometimes.

I still remember seeing the designs at SD Comic Con 2010 and saying, "what the hell did they do to them!?"

Oh little did I know...

Update: And so it begins...


Update: AHSAHdfshkadflah;sdfhkasln asl'dansl;dgHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAH FLUTTERSHY!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SO MANY IDEAS TO USE!!!!!!!! Definite Spitfire Fan Art Commencing!!!!

My Ranking for the girls:

(Thinking about it more it's more like)
1. Rainbow Dash
2.Pinkie Pie, Twilight Sparkle, Fluttershy, Rarity, Apple Jack.
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Those not in the US! You know who you are!
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Busy Months Head!

May 8-20: Finish the rest of the MLP FiM Requests
May 23-27: Scootaloo Contest (5 lucky people will get a chance to request (2-3?) ponies in one pic)

June - Hopefully finish the Nov 2010 OCs... Girls in bikinis?!

July - San Diego Comic Con month! Yee Haw!

Everything is subject to change.
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I mean it. You guys are great. :)
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Okay so I think I have one more little spot for the bad side. Who should it be? No, don't say Manic Depressive Diane Pie. Her friends are already in there. No big chars either. I don't think there's any big guys left.

There won't be any Dr. Hooves in it. I'm not very familiar with him.

If nothing, than the pic is final.

Thanks guys. I got what I needed though there were very good ideas....
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