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Just read :iconfyre-flye: resignation. Already said my thanks on her journal. Oh dear. Oh dear. Different direction for the show? Oh dear Oh dear... She has faith in the crew, but I'm looking at Hasbro here... oh dear.
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Give your mom a hug folks!

Spitfire pic is done, but I won't upload til late afternoon. Let Twilight and her mommy have some quality time together.
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Spitfire pic and some Mother's Day pic. One Pony per Brony pics will resume tomorrow night!

Don't mind me!
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Still a lot of things to do! So many Pony requests! It's my mission to finish it all! I also have a dozen ideas swirling in my head that want to be drawn up.

Cue Duke Phillips from The Critic, "You can eat my brain. It will give you power."

I'm sorry folks, I don't do art trades. I wouldn't know what to ask for.
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First of all. Love all you international peeps! At the end of the day we are all fans of art and being bronies.

Yes ,the last episode of the season. Will it be the best one yet? We'll see!

After this I can weigh in on what my top five episodes. Overall the whole season was great and looking forward to S2. I was a big skeptic before. I didn't even know about this til the end of February! And for the record this is the ONLY fandom I been active in. I shake my head sometimes.

I still remember seeing the designs at SD Comic Con 2010 and saying, "what the hell did they do to them!?"

Oh little did I know...

Update: And so it begins...


Update: AHSAHdfshkadflah;sdfhkasln asl'dansl;dgHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAH FLUTTERSHY!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SO MANY IDEAS TO USE!!!!!!!! Definite Spitfire Fan Art Commencing!!!!

My Ranking for the girls:

(Thinking about it more it's more like)
1. Rainbow Dash
2.Pinkie Pie, Twilight Sparkle, Fluttershy, Rarity, Apple Jack.
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Those not in the US! You know who you are!
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Busy Months Head!

May 8-20: Finish the rest of the MLP FiM Requests
May 23-27: Scootaloo Contest (5 lucky people will get a chance to request (2-3?) ponies in one pic)

June - Hopefully finish the Nov 2010 OCs... Girls in bikinis?!

July - San Diego Comic Con month! Yee Haw!

Everything is subject to change.
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I mean it. You guys are great. :)
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Okay so I think I have one more little spot for the bad side. Who should it be? No, don't say Manic Depressive Diane Pie. Her friends are already in there. No big chars either. I don't think there's any big guys left.

There won't be any Dr. Hooves in it. I'm not very familiar with him.

If nothing, than the pic is final.

Thanks guys. I got what I needed though there were very good ideas....
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I have some deadlines to meet this week so.... things will be very slow. Last MLP: FiM this week. Next week I believe I can wittle down a majority of the MLP requests. I'm looking forward to it because I see some funny/cute/cool ideas in there.
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'nuff said.
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Now I can to shade... BUT maybe I can sneak one more character in... hmmmm
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Inking finally done. That's a lot. Oh man... the coloring... the COLORING!

I like to resume the remaining requests Sunday night.
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From Episode 25. References...
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I adore her straight her version....

As for the big pic I'm doing. I'm almost done with the inking. There's like +25 in it.
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Wow.... Love ya Pinkie Pie!

So many GIFs moments! So many ideas to use!
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The Grand Galloping Gala!? You don't say!

Update: Party of One!? I thought it was a 2-part episode.... Gah.... Alright. Just read the synopsis for tomorrow. Whoo Pinkie Pie episode!? Even BETTER!
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It's going to involve a lot of characters and it may take 3 days to do. It's not a dark piece so everyone can check it out. I'm really going to enjoy this one.

I'm way pass my quota for the One Pony per Brony 2 week anyways.

Update: Laying them all out now... it's going to be one of those nights....
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Stop asking about requests in the comments section. I will never take anyone's requests in the comments section.

I opened requests last Friday(22nd) and those are the ones I'm doing right now. Requests are closed.

I know who the last person who requested and until I reach that person, I will not take anymore requests.

Thank you.
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That last pic I did, took a bit out of me. Soooo... going to relax tonight and start up the requests early in the morning. I already thought of a follow up to the "The Miracle of Twilight" pic! ho! ho! ho!
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